Osage Creek Archers

Osage Creek Archers, a new 3-D Archery course for 2015, located in southeast rural Marshall, Illinois. We will have 2 "routes" in rotation every other month...each will feature 30 Rinehart targets with ASA scoring rings.

What's in the name?
The Term "Osage" comes from the native "Osage Orange" tree better know as the hedge apple. There are MANY Osage trees in the front half of the course and a decent size creek in the bottoms. Hence the name Osage Creek Archers. For our more primitive crowd who shoot traditional, the term Osage is synonymous with one of the finest bow making woods available to mankind. In fact, centuries ago our native american indians would set out on foot and travel hundreds of miles in search of this treasured tree for this is what they used for their bows. Back then they said a good bow made from Osage wood was worth a horse and blanket! You can't beat that!

7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Central Time

March 25-26
Reg. Shoot + ASA DUAL State
Qualifier (IN-IL)

April 15-16 - Reg. Shoot
May 20-21 Reg. Shoot

May 27 - Traditional bows Only
June 17-18 Reg. Shoot
July 22-23 Reg. Shoot

July 29 Money Shoot

August 19-20 Reg. Shoot
August 26 - Kreyton Benefit
Sept 9-10 Fall Classic

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